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The Ace Residences

The Ace Residences, located in Bowral, the heart of the Southern Highlands, blends modern comforts with the area's rural charm. This project combines new ideas with classic forms and typologies to offer a unique living experience not previously seen in the area.
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Design Philosophy

Our approach to designing The Ace Residences was all about combining practical living with great design. We believe luxury comes from meeting everyday needs with thoughtful, well-designed spaces. Spaces that are full of natural light with views to the landscape, spacious layouts with flexible arrangements allowing the family to visit, and high-quality materials that feel at home in the Highlands, such as Bowral Blue Bricks. We've focused on blending indoor and outdoor living, to give each resident not just a space but a place where they feel a deep bond with their surroundings and community.
Project team

Architecture + Interior Team: Tony O’Meara, Kalpana Sagar + Meggie Setiawan

Developer: Mathieson Property

Builder: Quay3 Constructions

Landscape Architect: Nicholas Bray

Structural and Civil Engineer: Northrop Consulting Engineers

Hydraulic Engineer: SEEC

Traffic Engineer: PDC Consultants

Access Consultant: Morris Goding

Planning Consultant: Lee Environmental Planning

Basix Consultant: Gradwell Consulting

Arborist: Tree Wise Men

Visuals: Ivolve Studios

Architectural Approach

Our architectural approach followed an axial design with spaces arranged around central corridors that are met with glazing and views beyond as well as simplifying the internal circulation, making it easier for people to age in place. For a project where we do not personally know the future resident, we instead aim to create spaces that are highly functional but flexible so people can make it their own and call it home. Using natural materials like timber flooring and stone, we bridge traditional charm with contemporary design, ensuring each home offers a sense of familiarity. Large windows and outdoor areas extend living spaces, blurring the line between the built and natural environment, and promoting a lifestyle that is suited to the local context.

Sustainable Approach

In all our design work, sustainability plays such an important part, that was no different for The Ace Residences. From the initial concepts, we looked to work around the significant native trees on the site, including a magnificent gum tree that is celebrated on entry and throughout the site. This together with a detailed landscape plan that adds a variety of green space to support a healthy environment and use predominantly native plants needing less water, preserving the Southern Highlands' beauty for years to come. For the dwellings themselves, we have followed passive design principles to ensure all receive high levels of direct sunlight through winter, well above the requirements, but also with carefully designed overhangs to reduce direct sunlight in summer. This together with opportunities for natural crossflow ventilation through the houses reduces the reliance on technology and provides comfortable spaces all year round.

The sustainable approach goes beyond the design and construction of the dwellings, each house has energy-efficient appliances, water-saving fixtures, and superior insulation to ensure comfort and reduced utility costs, contributing to a greener, more sustainable community. Our goal is always to go beyond the statutory requirements for sustainability, all dwellings are specified with solar systems four times larger than required with electric vehicle charging fitted to all garages to promote a greener lifestyle for future residents.

Community and Accessibility

In the design of The Ace Residences, we carefully considered the needs of those over 60 and how those needs would change in the future, focusing on creating a supportive and accessible community environment. The essence of this lies in its open floor plans and layouts that prioritise ease of movement, ensuring that every resident can navigate their home with comfort and independence to stay in their homes for as long as possible. Thoughtful architectural details, such as wider doorways, flush entries, and easily accessible storage, underscore a commitment to accessibility without compromising on elegance or functionality. Additionally, common areas are designed to foster social interaction, with spaces that encourage residents to gather, share experiences, and build connections. This approach extends beyond physical design to include digital accessibility features, ensuring that technology in the residences enhances liveability and safety. The integration of smart home technologies can offer peace of mind through security features and ease of use for controlling lighting, temperature, video intercoms, and more, even when the residents aren’t home.

The Ace Residences

In summary, The Ace Residences has been more than just designing a collection of houses; it's been about creating a special place where modern life and Highland’s charm come together perfectly. Working together with the client, design team, and builder to bring the design to life has been deeply rewarding. Our goal with The Ace Residences was to make something extraordinary. We wanted homes that were more than just practical; we wanted to make places that uplift and inspire every day. We've paid close attention to every little detail, from design to construction detailing, making sure each home is something truly special, rooted in green living and community spirit.

We've made sure the inside and outside of your home flow together, with lots of natural light and materials that connect you to the Southern Highlands' unique environment. But it's more than just the houses, it's about a way of life that values good living, the natural environment, and our local heritage. This project has been a team effort from start to finish, driven by a shared vision of creating a community that's luxurious but also mindful of the planet. This commitment shows in every part of The Ace Residences, with craftsmanship and attention to detail that's setting new standards for Seniors Living within the Southern Highlands.

At The Ace Residences, it's not just about finding a place to live; it's about discovering a place where life's best moments can happen. It's designed for privacy when you want it and community when you don't, keeping everything balanced for a fulfilling lifestyle. With such close proximity to the Town Centre, it is the perfect setting for a lifestyle that enjoys the quiet of the country but with everything you need close by. From golf to coffee, shopping to health care, everything is right there.

The Ace Residences are all about showing what modern country living can be, sustainable, beautiful, and functional, creating an unmatched living experience. It's a project that emphasises our approach that good design improves our everyday life, can build communities, and fosters care for our built environment. We are looking forward to seeing this place come to life, we're reminded of how thoughtful design can create spaces that are not just for living but for thriving, making The Ace Residences more than a home, but a place where you are part of something truly special in the Southern Highlands.

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